About us


The Italian Turkish Dialogue Forum is a high-profile cultural and political event aimed at encouraging dialogue between Italian and Turkish cultures and societies.

With the entry of Turkey into the EU accession process, the solid bilateral relations between the two countries entered a new stage. Within this framework, the mission of the Forum has always been to support Turkey in its path toward the EU, by underlining the opportunities deriving from a better reciprocal knowledge.

With the key role of the civil societies of the two countries, this initiative aims to be a proactive forum for the elaboration of proposals and projects to further reinforce the bilateral relations and to support Turkey's accession into the EU.


The Ita-Turk Dialogue Forum was established in November 2004 in Rome thanks to an initiative by UniCredit, the Turkish Center for Strategic Research (SAM) and the Italian and Turkish Ministries of Foreign Affairs and thanks also to the contributions by two leading Italian periodicals East and Limes.

Over the years, the forum has set up several round tables bringing together Italian and Turkish experts from the world of politics, economics, institutions, cultural and society to discuss important contemporary topics in order to support mutual knowledge and pave the way for ever-stronger ties amongst Italy, Turkey and the European Union. As part of the framework of this mission, in 2009, national surveys were carried out in Turkey and in Italy with the purpose of examining Turkish and Italian attitudes and views, investigating cultural diversity, prejudices, stereotypes and barriers as well as the positive factors that drive mutual knowledge and empathy. The results collected by this study were aimed at supporting experts in identifying innovative ideas and best practices to increase knowledge between the two countries and to reduce the cultural barriers.

Over its seven editions, the Italian Turkish Dialogue Forum has consolidated itself:
As an institutional stage to reaffirm Italian commitment to the support of Turkey's entry into the European Union,
As an active arena to identify proposals and projects and to seize opportunities emerging from the relationship between the two countries.

Vernazza Cappadocia