SAM - Center for strategic research

The Center for Strategic Research (Stratejik Arastirmalar Merkezi- SAM) is established to conduct research on international relations and regional studies. The Center examines international conflicts, makes scholarly and scientific assessments of relevant issues, and reviews Turkish foreign policy with a futuristic perspective. It is a consultative body with the responsibility of bringing to the attention of decision makers independent, unbiased views and findings from different sources. The Center is chartered by law and has been active since May 1995.
SAM carries out these tasks in cooperation with both Turkish and foreign universities, institutions and specialists involved in similar work. Related subject matter is assessed in a wide spectrum, and to this end, the Center consults specialists from the political, economic, financial and cultural fields as well as journalists with expertise in the field of foreign policy.

SAM as a Research Center
The basic task of SAM is to reach interpretive conclusions based on in-depth analyses of issues and to furnish the decision makers with sound research, reliable data, independent views and recommendations. SAM strives to conduct impartial research both in-house and through commissioning academic projects. For this reason, commissions are assigned to experts and institutions in the field of international affairs, exchange of views and cooperation are sought with individuals and institutions involved in similar work.

SAM as a Center for Debate
In addition to research activities, SAM functions as a forum for debate and discussion for citizens and foreigners active in the area of international relations and foreign policy. This function is fulfilled through the organization of seminars, conferences and panel discussions. Thus, SAM assumes the functions of a think-tank. The hosting and arrangement of special events provide the opportunity to freely debate and to express thoughts. The works, opinions and views are assessed and subsequently submitted as recommendations or proposals to policy makers.