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east is a two-monthly international economics, politics and culture magazine published in both Italian and English with the financial support of Unicredit.

Edited by Emanuele Bevilacqua, the magazine is published by Casa Editrice Banda Larga with Editorial Coordination by Maria Cuffaro (RAI journalist and foreign affairs expert) and a top-quality Scientific Committee chaired by our CEO Federico Ghizzoni.

Although the magazine initially focused on Europe and its relations with the East, the acceleration of the globalisation process and the economic-financial crisis encouraged the publisher and the editorial staff to gradually broaden the magazine's sphere of interest to include Western nations.


Europe remains the focus of attention with investigations, reports, dossiers, monographs and analyses written by respected opinion leaders.

More specifically, the magazine stands out for the "domestic" and original perspective with which the information is provided to readers, the content written by correspondents that have first-hand experience of the country in question and who are able to provide an exclusive overview of the way that Europe views the rest of the world, at the same time illustrating the political and social situation in the countries being analysed.

east is therefore a crucial tool through which to address the economic and cultural challenges imposed by globalisation because only by looking beyond its confines, to the East and the West, can Europe rediscover its identity and knowledge of its historic role.

Founded in 2004 by Unicredit, east is printed both in Italian and English.





IAI - Istituto Affari Internazionali

A non-profit organization, IAI was founded in 1965 by Altiero Spinelli, its first director.
The Institute aims to promote understanding of international politics and contribute to the world's advancement towards forms of supranational organization.
Funding for the Institute is provided by individuals and groups, both private and public, from major national and international foundations, and a contribution from Italy's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Institute has four objectives: research, promotion of political ideas and strategies, dissemination of knowledge and training in the field of foreign policy.

Research focuses on the following thematic areas:
EU institutions and policies; The European Union and its neighbourhood; Security and defence; International political economy; Transatlantic relations; The Mediterranean and the Middle East; Italy's foreign policy.

The Institute disseminates its research results through regular publication outlets including its English-language journal (The International Spectator, peer-reviewed, Routledge) and its online magazine (