6th Turk -Ita Forum

18-19 November 2009, Instanbul

Conrad Hotel

"Opportunities from the cultural dialogue: proposals for actions"

The VI edition of the Turk-Ita Forum held in Istanbul on 18 and 19 November.

The basis of this edition was a joint analysis of the distorted images of each other that often hinder dialogue and prevent real opportunities linked to closer and deeper relations between the two countries from being developed.

Therefore following the 2008 edition, two working groups were set up in Turkey and in Italy and comprised experts from society and the worlds of culture and higher education, who worked side by side over the year. The outcome of this cooperation was a series of shared observations and proposals aimed at seizing the many opportunities associated with having closer cultural dialogue between the two countries.

The areas which were designated as priority, and therefore as the focus of the efforts of the working groups, were the following:
 •   The role of women in Turkish and Italian society
 •   The contribution of young generations to intercultural dialogue and the role of education in developing talents
 •   The opportunities resulting from multi-cultural factors and the development of dialogue between Turkey and Europe

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